sustainAB!LITY festival

sustainAB!LITY festival was the first annual sustainability-driven trade show that took place at Simon Fraser University Burnaby Campus. The student, staff and alumni run festival was organized by Sustainable SFU, SFPIRG Climate Change Action Group and Resource Environmental Management Student Union.

Client // sustainAB!LITY Festival
Project // Event branding and promotion
Produced // October 2007
Role // Creative Direction / Branding / Design / Project Management / Print Production / Sponsorship / Event Promotion
Collateral // Identity / Website / Letterhead / Bookmarks / Event poster / 
Pledge postcard / T-shirts / Table banner / Floor decal / Sponsorship prospectus
Aimed towards raising awareness on sustainability issues within the SFU community, the festival was also created as a platform for junior and senior undergraduate students to work together in applying current skills and gaining new skills. As a student-run event, the visual identity needed a more serious and professional without losing the warmth and friendliness. Conveying the positive message that the people are the part of the solution was achieved through a play on typography on the identity and used in combination with a vibrant colour palette. The print marketing collaterals were printed on FSC certified and recycled stock.   
In addition to the design work, I was also involved in creating the marketing plan as well as print production schedule to effectively implement our event promotions, utilizing traditional media (press releases, campus-wide advertising, and Public Service Announcements) as well as social media (post events on various websites, Facebook group, blogging). I also secured approximately $5,000 in sponsorships from businesses that practice sustainability including Western Printers & Lithographers and HTNaturals, who contributed their services and products for the festival’s promotional materials. 
The event was very successful: 47 vendors participated and approximately 150 people attended the festival. We received highly positive feedback from the vendors, the sponsors, as well as SFU staff, faculty and students. 

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